Emotion AI-based
Customer Experience Management Solution (CX)

reliable real-time analytics to quickly manage customer satisfaction and loyalty and quality of service in:

bank branches // help desk consultants // call-center operators

bars and fast-food // canteens and cafeterias // hotel reception

cashiers // service support

service points // help desk consultants

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Solution Overview
Based on constant tracking of service employee performance, customer reactions and AI-analysis of the data, the solution consists of:

• quality of service analysis system as objective indicators
• customer satisfaction analysis system as emotional indicators
• staff motivation system for ongoing improvement oF the quality of work
Emotion-AI Based Customer Satisfaction Management Solution by Neurodata Lab
The solution provides:
Detailed and reliable analytics
Quick and direct impact on staff motivation
Permanent CX improvement
110 000 +
12 +
international collaborations
2 +
years of research
Why companies worldwide prefer the Neurodata Lab AI-based CX Management Solution

Other methods and systems:
Hight Quality
Good Support
Individual Approach
direct recognition of customer emotions results in high reliability of analysis
High Quality
Solution Benefits
constant analysis of client dialogues and service quality
identifies specific aspects that influence loyalty, analyze data for each employee, time period, customer, etc.
no additional external software, can be fully integrated into your security system
works in background mode and does not bother customers
CUSTOMER comfort
instant feedback to each employee, exact KPIs increase performance without additional spending on employee motivation
constantly evaluates customer service quality with immediate alerts in case of any issues
has high ROI and is a great value compared to other customer satisfaction management methods
can be easily integrated into your CRM and ERP systems
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